• A healthy diet of blended learning activities

    Hybrid or blended learning has been well-known for many decades now and it is defined as a healthy mix of online and place-based activities. There are several benefits in online learning activities, assuming that digital media and the respective pedagogy is well understood. There are also unique advantages to place-based learning, which should be blended into the mix, depending on the course and the instructor approach.

  • Digital transformation for learning activities

    There are two approaches for the digital transformation of learning activities. The most straightforward approach is to create digital metaphors for each real-world learning activity. For example, a classroom lecture is transformed into a synchronous video lecture, or a final hand-written exam is proctored with synchronous video monitoring and is scanned for uploading.

  • Reliability of online assessment methods

    Physical exam taking in the classroom has been established as a reliable method of learning assessment. Nevertheless, organizations have been looking into alternative online assessment methods, which might become necessary in case of an emergency, such as a pandemic or a natural disaster.